Dual Monitor + Oculus Rift Setup

So, I currently have a monitor and an Oculus Rift set to mirror each other. I want to get a secondary display, but I'm not sure exactly how it'll work with my rift. I want the secondary display to act as an extension of the main monitor (Easy enough with Windows 8), but I also want the rift to continue to mirror the main monitor. My GPU has one HDMI port, one DVI port, and two Mini Displayports. I'm thinking I'll use an HDMI splitter for the main monitor and rift, and connect the secondary monitor with DVI. I'll set the monitors to extend, and then I'm assuming that the main monitor and rift will still display the same image. My end goal is to be able to play a game on my main monitor/rift, and do something else on the secondary monitor. Will this setup work?
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    Yes it should work
  2. Thanks!
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