High CPU Temperature of new Clevo w350st laptop

I just recently bought a new Clevo W350ST laptop. While everything has been working extremely fine in it, its the CPU temperatures on the laptop I am worried about.

The Tj Max. for my processor (i7 4700MQ) is given as 100 degrees C.

When I play heavy graphic games like battlefield 4, my CPU temperature levels shoot up to the 93-99 degree C region. Considering that the maximum temperature is 100 degrees, this makes me extremely worried.

At the same time though, the GPU temperature is normal. Maximum GPU temperature for this model is said to be around 70-05 degrees, which is very cool (I am told I should worry if it goes around 90 for gpu)

Another thing to note is that, none of the heavy games that I play function improperly. They work perfectly fine, eventhough the cpu temperature readings show such high temperatures.

I am attaching a screenshot for reference.

My questions are:

1) Is this temperature normal? Since the laptop and games work perfectly fine under these high maximum cpu temperatures?

2) Say if its normal, is there any long term harm to the processor or any other internals because of this?

I just got this laptop 2 days ago and it claims to have excellent temperature management. So I am extremely worried about this.

Any help, advice, is much appreciated. Thanks. :)

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  1. I have the same model (i7 with an gtx 765m), on idle my temps stay around 50C, on cold days they are in the 40s (just wondering what your idle temps are). When I bought this model I had already heard of the CPU running a bit hot (the new Haswell are known for this) causing CPU throttling on occasion, I have not had it throttle yet but I have also seen my temps arise to 93-94C while playing (in bfbc2 it runs to 90C). The discrete GPU is far from running hot just like yours.

    1) I think the CPU temps you are getting are normal for this model of course that doesnt mean its a good thing. I myself will be applying a new thermal compound to shave off a few degrees. When I play on battery alone my temps dont go over 70C normally staying at 64C, this is due to the CPU running at a lower speed to save power, of course the battery will only last an hour or so when doing this, when plugged in the temps go to 90C in same game as the CPU is allowed to run at its highest level (temps permitting), what you could do is change the settings to not run at high performance to keep temps down (I havent tried this yet). As the CPU is quite powerful it doesnt need to run at its peak to give you good results so this might help the temps.

    2) If you using this laptop for gaming daily for a few hours then the temps you are getting are going to hurt the longevity of your laptop, but of course if you are use your laptop for daily gaming then I highly recommend buying a cooling pad whether you get high temps or not, NZXT and Zalman brands recommended, something like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834998051

    Overall I think this laptop is great, the temps are more to do with the Haswell CPU then the design, as you see the GPU doesnt get much hot, normally its the GPU that gets very hot and CPU not as much.
    Here is a good review of this model: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Review-Schenker-XMG-A523-Clevo-W350ST-Notebook.94048.0.html
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