Cooler Master 500w Extreme Power Plus with Xfx r9 270x

I received an XFX R9 270x for Christmas but saw that my Cooler Master PSU only has one 6 pin pci-e connection. The GPU comes with two sets of 2 4 -pin molex to 6-pin pci-e. I've read different responses as to whether or not the cooler master can run the r9 270x. Am I able to run it with no problems? I don't plan on over clocking the GPU.

Here is the rest of my setup:

I5 3570k
WD 1tb caviar black
500 GB hd from my last HP computer
Asus p8b75-v mobo
Crucial 8 GB ram
Samsung 120gb ssd
DVD rw drive

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  1. I would get a new PSU regardless...
    You could get 4 pin adapters but it's not worth the risk.
    Just a crappy all around PSU that could damage your system.
  2. Thanks for the quick answer. Gonna get the evga 600b 600w 80 plus bronze from my local best buy. Its either that or the thermaltake tr2 600w. Hopefully they have it in stock.
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