Does ASrock 970 extreme3 2.0 motherboard support GTX 770 graphics card?

Hello everyone. I was wondering that does GTX 770 graphics card go well with ASrock 970 extreme3 2.0 motherboard? I am planning to buy a GTX 770 tomorrow and I have that motherboard already, but I have no idea if that graphics card goes with that motherboard. I heard that this motherboard does not support Intel's processors but it supports my AMD-FX 8150. It should also support GTX 670 for example but what about GTX 770, or is that card too powerful for that motherboard?
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  1. I would say no since all the information I find says it "Supports AMD Quad CrossFireX and CrossFireX" but nothing about nvidia or SLI which if it supports it the manufacturer usually writes it in the specs. Also, the GTX 770 is a pcie 3.0 card and your motherboard is 2.0 so you wouldn't get the full benefit from it even if it does. I thought we were long past having to pick and choose the difference between the 2 card makers but I wouldn't bet and purchase and return hassle over it myself.
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