I'm scared to put my PC together

I am building a gaming PC for the first time and I just ordered the parts and i'm scared. I'm worried I will bend the pins on the CPU, or I will fry the motherboard. Any suggestions on what to do?

I don't know if it matters, but here is the build itself:

Sorry if i'm being too nervous, I just don't want to blow a bunch of money being careless.
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  1. you're not going to bend anything. start watching vids and reading assemble articles. install the cpu/cpu heatsink and install ram with the motherboard out of the case. don't forget to install the standoffs on the motherboard backplate that is in the case before you try and install the motherboard.......... and after the standoffs put the IO shield in and then the the the the the the booklet.....
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    DO NOT BE SCARED LOL, assembling your computer it's one of the most exciting things for a gamer, specially the very first time :$. watch the 3 videos, they started from the basic stuff you need to know.

    As swifty_morgan said, read everything that comes with your parts, specially the motherboard manual, there's a lot of step by step information.

    Dude, enjoy!
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