can i raid x2 120gb force 3 ssd on asrock fx990 and have trim

I'm going to raid x2 force 3 ssd drives in raid 0 but would like to know if trim will work on my amd Fatal1ty 990FX Professional
corsair have a program that does firmware updates also trim and provisioning but would this work when in raid sorry new to this
many thanks
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  1. No, TRIM won't work on SSDs in RAID that are connected to AMD Chipsets.
  2. Just for the benchmarking thrills, or do you have an application that needs that kind of fierce throughput?
  3. I do alot of gaming and some video convertering but don't really know if I need the trim or what it will do without it
    I have x2 of force 3 120gb SSD so wanted to raid to get 240gb but is it worth doin it or will there ever be a fix for this to allow trim ??? :-)
  4. SSDs use Garbage Collection in addition to TRIM to maintain drive performance. If you decide to RAID the drives then just let your system idle at the login screen overnight while you sleep to allow GC to do its thing. You can do this once or twice a month.

    Personally I would just use the 2 drives separately as C: and D:
  5. Garbage Collection, in my understanding, will keep copying the deleted blocks over and over again. Massive write amplification for deleted data.

    What someone should really do is develop a new filesystem for SSDs. The ones we are using are for a long-outdated model where drives write bytes in a specific place with no way to understand what the bytes are or how they are related to bytes in a different place. Put some of the FS logic on the drive, there's lot's of processing power available for it now, and get an SSD that doesn't need TRIM commands. When you delete a file, tell the drive to, and it deletes the file.
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