Need help to choose between Sony BDV-E4100 and Samsung HT-F4550

Hi All,

As title tells, I am now stuck in choosing between Sony BDV-E4100 and Samsung HT-F4550.

I recently bought a 60'' TV so I am thinking getting a home cinema system. I cant really tell the difference between the two but would like to hear your choice.


Sony: 250 pounds v.s Samsung 280

Price difference isnt that important to me, nor the 'smart' function.

Any difference in terms of functions and performance between the two??

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would go with the Sony. A review the Sony and a close model to the Samsung yielded the Sony better than the Samsung.

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  2. thanks, Silv3rAc3.

    The link you gave had Samsung 5550, which is actually better than 4550 based on the specs.

    But 4550 and E4100 are quite similar. The only difference that makes sense to me is 4 tallboys which might make things easier.

    But I am not sure if their performance would be similar. Any suggestions?
  3. Silv3rAc3 said:

    Thanks again. I have ordered the samsung one. Reason being it has 4 tallboys, which are quite easy for me to fit into my room. I know Sony one might be slightly better and cheaper but it is impossible for me to get a couple of holders or hang them onto the wall.
  4. Awesome! Glad I could help.
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