**SOLD** WTS - For Sale - Asus 23.6" VX238H 1080p Monitor - Will do 75Hz easy

Tentatively sold to Idlewitt, pending transaction completion. Will mark as otherwise if for some reason sale is not completed. Thanks!


I have an Asus VX238H monitor for sale.

The exact model can be seen here on

This monitor sells for between $179-199 new; I would like to get $75 for this, you pay shipping. I will calculate shipping to your address from my local UPS or Fedex store and ask that you include this in your payment. In my experience, and based on size & weight, these monitors cost around $20-30 to ship. Please note that while Newegg will charge less for shipping, I am an individual, not a giant company with shipping discounts. If you have a cheaper shipping suggestion, I'm all for it.

The monitor is in mint condition. I purchased this in September 2013, which you can see based on the image of the Newegg order below.

I have all original parts and documentation (though the manual is available free online). I do not have the original box, but will provide sufficient packaging when shipping, which should also save on shipping cost.

I am selling as I have recently replaced this with an Asus VG248QE due to moving to SLI and needing 120Hz/144Hz to match my high frame rates.

This monitor is rated at 60Hz, but will easily do 75Hz. I ran this with BF4 at 75FPS solid and it's smooth as butter. I've provided an image below to show screen timings and settings you can use to achieve the same if you like. And yes, before you ask, 75FPS @75Hz is noticeably smoother than 60.

While I cannot prove that the monitor I used was used during this game play, you can see my BF4 settings match what my claim is in the gameplay video I posted here on my YouTube channel:

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  1. Bump.
  2. PM Sent.
  3. ldewitt said:
    PM Sent.

    Tentatively sold to Idlewitt.
  4. Christopher Shaffer said:
    ldewitt said:
    PM Sent.

    Tentatively sold to Idlewitt.

    Oh yeah getting it! ^^^
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