Cooltek Announces W1 PC Enclosure

Cooltek has announced its new W1 Mini-ITX case.

Cooltek Announces W1 PC Enclosure : Read more
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  1. looking good~
  2. That is very reminiscent of the Ncase M1 enclosure... :)
  3. Very good looking case, to bad i just got the R4
  4. This case looks good though I can't say I like having the ports and buttons on the side.
  5. looks realy nice hopefully the insides well thought out and the build quality is good.
  6. This kinda looks like a mini silverstone raven case.
  7. Where can Americans buy this?
  8. Video review.

    Not in english though.

    Honestly, after watching the review, this case is bigger than the Bitfenix Prodigy with less cooling options. Users already complain that the Prodigy is already too big too.
  9. I liked their rads, I am impressed
  10. Oops..I was this thinking of coolgate
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