looking for a monitor part 234.5 lol . ips 27inch 1080p; 6ms with low input lag

thanks to all your guys help ive narrowed down my needs,

first off I went to best buy, and you can read about many things but seeing monitors, the size, the resolution, the glossy vs matt, etc, well a picture is worth ten thousand words.

Im looking for a 27 inch 1080p ips panel with 6ms or better, something with low input lag as I will use this for gaming rpgs mmos rts and some fps.

I would love something with a true 8bit panel that had a light matte coating, as some of the matte coatings like on dells are I belive too much and hides a lot of the ips quality. I dunno do they call this semi gloss, XD.

anyways I have around 400 bucks, oh and I do need a three year or longer warranty.

thanks again for all your help
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  1. Best answer is the best asus one in your price range and desired requirements. I have seen this one in person (brother has it for video editing and light gaming) and it is downright BEAUTIFUL another great looking ips monitor, but you will likely have a better gaming experience with the asus.

    These are the only two i can really recommend at the moment, as i have not had much experience with other brands.
  2. Don't get too stuck on response time, as lots of manufacturers fudge their numbers , instead go to tft-central and checkout the ghosting images. Personally I'd try either a dell S2740L or an Hp E271i or 27xi.
  3. The asus one is also semi matte , but as far as finding an 8-bit monitor, i cannot seem to find one in your price range (might not be looking in the right places)
  4. that asus seems nice, no display port or dvi, is hdmi good enough for 60fps at 1080p?
  5. Yes. If you were running a 120hz monitor, you would need dvi to achieve that 120hz, but hdmi is more than capable of outputting all you need. I have googled which is better, and at 60hz 1080p, of course there are some saying hdmi is worse, but a large majority of people claim that there is no difference. I have both an asus dvi monitor, and a lg hdmi monitor connected to my computer. I personally cannot tell the difference between the type of connector used between the two.
  6. so far the MX279H seems to be the leader, however I noticed the newer model vx279h has display port, but I cant find any info on input lag which is important
  7. Sound like a broken record at this point but if you're willing to throw away the 3 year warranty requirement theres the QX2710. 1440p, PLS, 96Hz only $300. Minimal input lag as it bypasses any sort of processing (it only has one import port), helped too by the higher refresh rate.
  8. do those have a warranty at all, or just one year
  9. One year, but you can buy more coverage if you really wanted it.
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