Looking for Low Budget but Best Laptop, intel core-i3 or Equivalent AMD

I'm looking for a good & branded Laptop well equipped with either Intel’s core-i3 or AMD processors, my budget is around Rs. 30,000/- to 35,000/-. I am confused a little bit between Intel and AMD. I read somewhere that AMDs are not much reliable but these are cheaper than Intel processors. Does AMD enables playing 3D movie ?. I will be using my Laptop in HD gaming, HD movies and net surfing.
Please suggest whether I should go for Intel or AMD keeping in view the durability, reliability and prices.
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  1. For budget laptops, AMD CPUs are great. They offer more Value-for-money than intel.

    Check these laptops, they are great for gaming in your price range. For gaming performance you should buy the laptops having good graphics card.

    HP g6-2313ax:

    Lenovo G505s:
  2. Thank u Vinay ji,

    I read somewhere that AMD supports 3D movie on laptop. Is it true?
  3. Yes, AMD/nVidia GPUs are capable of giving 3D Outputs, but your laptop screen should be 3D Compatible, which I think isn't.

    And, you can watch 3D videos on any display using 3D Glasses.
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