Building my first PC, need some of your opinions and recommendations.

Hi there, this is the first time I'm building a computer and I have a budget of 600-650, I was wondering if this setup was alright and if it was all compatible. Also, I'd like a motherboard that's crossfire compatible because I'd like to buy another GPU in the future, any recommendations are welcome, thank you!
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    as far as motherboards go i think this would do the job nicely as it is crossfire compatible-
    but i would strongly suggest you buy the AMD FX-6300 as your CPU as Amazon have a brilliant deal on at the moment-
  2. Would agree on both counts above^. The FX-6300 would be much better for gaming. And having a Crossfire compatible motherboard would give a better option later down the road if you find a single card can't quite cut it anymore.
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