Can you overdo your overclocking and negatively impact performance?

Long story short, I have 2 nVidia GTX 660 superclocks running in SLI. I wanted to see if I could push them a bit further and started using EVGA Precision to overclock them. I stability test with Furmark. I can add about 135 mhz to the core clock, and 105 mhz to the memory (boosting power to the card up to 105%) and still maintain some great stability.

I was running those above mentioned numbers I can pull about 48 frames per second average on Furmark. So I bumped those numbers to 110% voltage (max that EVGA precision allows), and 150 mhz to the core clock, and 120mhz to the memory clock. I ran Furmark again, but this time I only got 45 frames per second on average.

So that's the question. With higher pushing numbers I got crappier results. Can you overdo your overclocking in a way that it negatively impacts your performance results? Or is there some trick that I am missing? Thanks!
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  1. Probably what is happening is the extra voltage is overheating your cards, and they will automatically throttle themselves down to avoid being damaged.
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