Battlefield 4 cpu load spikes to 100% while gpu usage stays low

Everytime i play battlefield i get lag spikes resulting from my cpu spiking to 100%. I know this is not a bottleneck though because i have a Amd fx 6300 with a geforce gtx 560 ti, In fact it works perfectly in other games such as bf3, dayz, skyrim, fallout and so on. Also i am playing on all low settings and i still get fps drops and stutters. Is this a optimization issue on battlefields end or what?
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  1. I have a similar performance level CPU as you, and I get the same problem. As a temporary fix, I just watched my task manager, and anything unnecessary that uses more than 1-2% CPU, I tried closing if possible. I ended up turning off my desktop gadgets and that seemed to fix the problem for me. It still sits about 95% though, but the tremendous lag spikes seem to be gone. Also with this, I didn't notice much CPU usage difference when I turned the graphics settings up to medium/high so I didn't really have to play on low settings.
  2. From what I´ve been reading it seems there are 2 main things you can try - installing Windows 8.1 because it has better CPU usage management/core parking (specially if you are using AMD series - Using regedit to "force" core unparking. I haven´t tried any of them yet. I´ll start with installing Windows 8.1 before I start messing with regedit and key values...
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