SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive Can Share Files With 8 Devices

Earlier today, SanDisk unveiled their latest Connect Wireless Flash Drive, expanding capacity to 64 GB, and we had a chance to go hands-on.

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  1. That product has been out for some time, and it was one of their worst to come out in a long time. it was s close to being awesome, but they went and made it largely made it propitiatory

    All they needed to do was avoid locking it down, and adding proper DLNA, SMB, and other standard sharing support. instead they want you to use their crappy sandisk software to stream from it, and thus most file formats are unsupported.

    at least it is like that with the one that has been on
  2. I have one of these and it works great. The apps needed to connect to it are available for iOS as well as Android and work well on both (I've tested both). As far as supported file formats, that is not an issue. It supports any file format your device can support. What that means is if you are saving in AVI format you will NOT be able to watch it on an iOS device unless you convert it and save it in an iOS supported format. However that same AVI will play on an Android device.
  3. Isn't this pretty much the same, but less useful, than the iusbport port mini?
  4. @6Traciatim

    Yes, pretty much the same except one comes with a SD card in it and the other doesn't. Also the iusbport one has a USB connection on it.
  5. I can see myself and other tech enthusiasts using this for Android. On the other hand, with Apple restricting so much on its stock UI, I can't see this being great for iOS. Since I don't mess around with iPhones all that much, I haven't been in the loop. Last I remember there wasn't a file managing system at all. If you jailbreak an iPhone, can you get file management? Can anyone point out the iOS value in this besides transferring pictures?
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