Is a 1080p monitor worth it (upgrade)?

Hi there i know that 1080p monitors have been out for quite a while but i have a 21.9 inch 1680 x1050 samsung monitor and i was wondering if it was worth an upgrade to an 1080p monitor. Im using my PC mainly for gaming. Im quite worried about how much of an FPS impact i would get on my games because right now im getting 50-60 fps on most of the newer games at max settings(BF4 for example). Here's my PC specs: Zotac GTX 760 2gb, 16 gb of ram, core i7 3770k. Btw i just upgraded my rig with the GTX 760 so consider that im planning on keeping that card for 1 and 1/2 year to 2 years.
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    Bad choice really, 1080p looks to be dying out after some of the CES announcements, 4K monitors for less than $1K, shows where pricing is going.

    You'll notice no FPS drop going from 1050p to 1080p though, really a 760 is meant for 1080p and up.
  2. 4k on a GTX 760 2gb... You sure about that??
  3. Thats not what I'm saying. What I mean is pricing will come down to the point where 1440p displays are only a few $100 rather than the $400 and up they are now.
  4. So i should wait and get a 1440p display when their price drop? Also is the difference noticeable beetween 1080p and 1440p?
  5. It's huge.

    If you can't wait take a look at the Qnix QX2710, $300.
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