Upgrading from 560ti

Just ordered a 144 hz g-sync monitor. Looking to upgrade from my 560ti to help drive current and next gen games without breaking the bank.

I only game on a single monitor, but it will be a g-sync monitor.

Current Setup:
850w PSU
i7 3960X
32GB ddr3 1866MHz
120gb hyper x ssd

I just got the ram and SSD. The price point of the 760 is attractive. My fear is that if I buy a 760 as soon as next gen games come out or even current gen games I won't be able to run them at 1080p with a nice frame rate. Just don't want to spend 250 on a graphics card that I'm going to have to replace in a few months, so i'm hoping to find a somewhat future proof solution at the best price point. I realize that the other specs on my pc will help with this, but I wanted to get some input on here.

I'm also considering pushing video from my desktop into my living room for gaming in there, not sure if that changes anything in this discussion. All advice and viewpoints are appreciated.
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  1. I think that you should get an Nvidia GTX 780 or 780Ti. Yoe they are pricey but you wont have to change the 780Ti for 5-10 years or maybe even more because it is currently the best single GPU on the planet. It is as good or better then a GTX Titan. I am currently running one in my pc and it is worth every penny. It is the best GPU! I hope that I helped you.
  2. ^ A GTX 780 Is overkill for someone on a singles monitor.
    Try the Gtx 770 2GB It's a amazing card and can play any game out atm on max settings.
    I think It's futureproof aswell.
  3. I would love to get a 780, can't drop 500 dollars on a graphics card right now. This thread was to hopefully find a solution that will keep me in the game at solid frame rates for the next year. I almost pulled the trigger on an msi 770 2gb from newegg for 319.99 but thought the 770 might go on sale lower then that. So far, I have been incorrect. Was really hoping to stay sub 300, but may be that for that price i'm not in the ballpark for a card that will churn out games coming out in 2014
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