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Need Socket 1156 Motherboard replacement for P7P55D Pro, to match i5-750.

Last response: in Motherboards
January 7, 2014 10:05:19 PM

I need a motherboard to replace my old one, would be good if it could run 2 GPUs if I upgrade, at at least 8x per lane in crossfire. I also have a Wireless Network Adapter and a Sound Card that I need room for.

This is what the old mobo looks like:

I was specifically focusing on the P55 models because I read somewhere that they are more gaming focused.
I was able to overclock my CPU (i5-750) from 2.66 per core to 3.7 but just changing 1 setting in the bios, and it worked fine. I used an aftermarket cooler and good thermal paste.

I found out recently they don't make this socket motherboard anymore, apparently it was a short lived socket.

Tried looking at Ebay but the prices seemed kind of high for the model I've, was about $180 when I bought it. Apparently a couple spots on it burnt out according to NCIX who I sent it to, to be diagnosed.

I live in Vancouver BC Canada.
Looking for the best deal (lowest shipping + cost), while getting a quality unit.

This is what I was looking at on Ebay:

I also looked at, is better for prices? Not sure if they'll ship to me:

Here's the same search on
January 8, 2014 2:33:47 PM

Not sure if I posted originally at a bad time of day (slow traffic/low amount of users browsing to answer threads).

I need some help finding a compatible motherboard for my cpu, with room for my sound card and wireless network adaptor, that isn't unreasonably priced (taking shipping into account). Having room for 2 gpus would be nice too if I upgrade.

I think the sound card & adaptor are either both PCIe, or one is PCI and the other PCIe. I do know I had put one of them that was PCIe 1x in an extra 16x slot & it worked fine.

Side question, I bought a R9 270x originally to try and fix the problem, didn't work but I'm past 30 days and can't return it. Would my CPU bottleneck 2 R9 270x cards if I got a 2nd one? Would I be able to make use of most of their power at least?

What about if I overclocked? Perhaps at 2.66 GHz per core the cpu WOULD bottleneck the 2 gpus, but at 3.7 per core it would not, or not by much?