Opinions on CPU for gaming PC w/ R9 280x. i5-3570k or AMD FX8350

So I am considering getting a gaming PC in the near future and was looking for some opinions on CPU choice. I don't really want to spend a massive amount on a PC so I have been looking at either an i5-3570k or FX 8350, both being around the same price. I am pretty sure that I will go for an R9 280x for the GPU, but I'm not sure what to go for on the CPU front. I have heard that AMD CPUs aren't too brilliant on the single core performance front but make up for it in physical core numbers. I have heard that the i5 is a good all rounder. Will either of these CPUs bottleneck the GPU, or will they both work fine? I'm looking to play things like Skyrim w/ mods, Battlefield 3/4 and Titanfall possibly.
Here is what the build might look like with the i5
Thanks for any answers :)
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  1. Skyrim likes the 3570k better because of single thread performance.
  2. You Will be fine either way. Both cpus OC well and there Will be No bottleneck at all if u pick one of the two cpus. Personal i pick the 3570k. Its a beast overclocker and uses less power then the fx 8350. Good luck ;)
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