Best Gaming Upgrades for my Rig? Price to Performance Increase

Hey everyone,

I'm curious to see what everyone would recommend as far as upgrades to my computer for better gaming performance for the money? I've recently updated my case to a Corsair 750d and with the extra space my mind is now running for other things to put in there.

Storage 1 OS and C drive : Samsung 840 evo 120gb SSD
Storage 2 : Toshiba Qseries 128gb SSD
Storage 3 : WD 1 tb HDD
CPU: i5 3570k OCd to 4.4 ghz with 212 hyper evo cooler 25-30 idle / 65-72 IBT and prime load
GPU: r9 290x reference design OCd to 1130 core and 1375 mem putting this under water soon as the fan speed needed for the OC is dumb
RAM: 4 x 4gb corsair vengeance 1600 mhz 9 9 9 24
MoBo: ASrock z77 extreme4

In BF 4 for example with full ultra, 2x msaa and 100 res scale, I average around 65 fps. I would love it if I could reach the 75-80 range as my monitor is OCd as well to 100 hz with 1440p
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  1. Add another GPU.
  2. Planning on doing that somewhat soon but it would require about 700 in costs. Would have to buy another 290x, watercooler block and new PSU. Anything else that would help performance for under that cost barrier?
  3. Not really, you will not see much of a performane boost from a new CPU or Mobo, and you have plenty of ram. I mean you could step up speed but then we are talking maybe a frame rate at most. Pretty much you have a good system, the only thing that would give you significant FPS is another video card.
  4. Ok thanks for the replies Devballs. Guess I will save some money and switch to Crossfire when I am able.
  5. Severe diminishing returns on spending money at this point. Keep the mind occupied on something else =P
  6. ^ Tell me about it. The last 10-20% boost is always the most expensive. I guess I will focus on aesthetics and acoustics atm.
  7. NEW MONITOR!!!!
  8. Devballs said:

    Recently bought a QNIX 1440p to overclock and to game on but am also looking at 4k options when they become more reasonably priced. Will definitely need a dual gpu or more setup to run ultra settings at that resolution.
  9. Only option really for performance increase would be an additional gpu as everything else really wont effect you frames rate by any more than like 1 or 2 fps and wouldnt be worth wasting the money that you could put towards saving up for another gpu. one thing tho you haven't mentioned you psu in which you may need to upgrade to crossfire an additional gpu.
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