Oculus Rift/OLED display questions


-have the possibility to run at 500-1,000Hz?
-create less motion blur than 1ms?
-How much do current 24" OLED monitors cost? 8" (4K resolution if possible) OLED?
-are they going to add Nvidia G-Sync to OLEDs panels?
-What type of display port will 4k TVs use?
-What materials are used to make a OLED TV?

Just trying to get some info, I'm overly excited about VR(or is that completly normal). Thanks for helping :)
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    - Doubt it, in all likelihood No unless your name is Samsung or LG.
    - Doubt it.
    - OLED isn't even really a thing yet, so far its only in prototype stages or on literal stages at places like CES where their showing off their future technology. The closest you can get to an OLED display on the market (to my knowledge) is a Samsung Galaxy S4, which uses an AMOLED (a derivative of OLED) display.
    - Probably, but right now we still need OLED panels so you who can say.
    - Displayport in all likelihood, HDMI cant support 4K.
    - Whatever is used to make TV's now minus whatever their using as a light source and the panel.
  2. "First, here’s what VP of Product Nate Mitchell says is great about the new OLED screen: “In a typical LCD [screen], it’s between 15 and 35 milliseconds pixel switching time,” he said, referring to the time it takes a single pixel of the screen to change colors. “With OLED technology, we have a sub-millisecond pixel switching time, that means we can get all of that pixel switching latency sucked out.” It may sound like nothing, but lag between the movement of your head and the changing of what you’re seeing is a major component for motion sickness."
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