Buying a new gaming pc, looking for suggestions. ($600-$700)

I'm looking to buy a new desktop pc, but lack the patience and skill to make my own. Soo was hoping to get some advice on what would be the best to buy. Heres what I'm looking at,$abcat0501000&cp=1&lp=15.
If anyone could tell me anything about this pc or help me pick out a better build for $600-$700 I would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. I would not buy that pc. Wait save your money till you get to $800 because that is the sweet spot for price to performance right now. When you buy it make sure the psu it comes with is 80+ bronze and it has a R9 270 graphics card because that card will play bf4 1080p ultra at 50 fps with an ok cpu. An make sure the cpu is at least an amd 6 core.

    the best play to buy one is here
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