Black Screen After Windows Boot Logo HELP!!

I have Two AMD XFX Radeon 5770's in Crossfire. Everything has been working fine for about a year. Today, I Removed both 5770's due to high heat. I opened the card, cleaned the heatsink and cleaned the old thermal past and reaplied actic silver 5 and put it all back together. Upon boot, i had no signal what so ever. I removed the cards, cleaned contacts and reseated. Still Nothing. I then realized that my Crossfire cable was backwards (if it makes a difference i dont know) so i put J1A on top card and J2A on bottom card. Booted, nothing. I somehow got it to boot to the windows logo after all that and it just got stuck at the windows logo or black screen after windows logo. In safe mode i am able to boot fully into windows, hooked up to the HDMI on card one. if i remove all drivers, i can boot into normal windows mode, after reapplying AMD Drivers (have tried 12.10 13.1 and even the 13.8 Beta Two, all result in black screen after windows logo or stuck on windows logo after boot. I did use driver sweeper before reinstalling drivers. I am a loss here.

My questions are:

1. When i took the cards out to clean them, i didnt remember which one was on top or bottom. WIll that cause a problem or not, they are identical cards.

2. What do i do next? Full wipe and reinstall?

Thanks in advance, system specs are:

WIndows 7 64bit
XFX Radeon 5770x2 in crossfire
8GGB Memory ddr3
AMD Phenom II X4 945

Gigabyte sumtin like GA890 AM3 Socket (cant read hardware in safe more) can see in HWinfo screenshot

Anything else you need i am willing to provide.

Downloaded GPU Z

Screenshots for both GPU's and HW monitor

Cards dont show in HW monitor without drivers. Driver installation causes hang at windows startup
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  1. I understand I should not bump my own post, but I am having withdrawals from gaming.

    Does anyone have any idea? Original post updated with more information.

    Thank you so much.
  2. Anyone out there with some help? I have read every thread and tried alot of things and its not working.
  3. I have the same problem too, I read on some other forum that we have to run ATIman or something like that. I am running two 6950's in crossfire. They worked fine before, but after i took them out to water cool them, they wont boot to windows with the crossfire bridge installed. If i take out the crossfire bridge, windows boots just fine. I am going to try out the ATI man thing.
  4. Try this thread

    This might help. LOL I know this post is still over a year old, and if you haven't upgraded already, this should work, I am trying it out right now.
    My cards are so outdated XD
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