CPU-Z displaying high core speed with no overclock

I was getting ready to overclock my CPU so I downloaded a bunch of utilities, including CPU-Z.

I have an Intel Core i5 750 2.6Ghz

I ran the program to determine initial performance values *before I did any overclocking*.

CPU-Z is displaying my core speed at ~3830Mhz. As I said, my CPU is stock at 2.6Ghz. And the core speed never dips below 3800Mhz. I haven't done any overclocking.

Any ideas as to why this is happening? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling CPU-Z. I attached a screenshot as well in case I'm missing something, which is entirely possible because I am new to this. Thank you!
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  1. Don't know why but that's not normal! especially when you see your core voltage at 0.912V..
    I'm also face problems using CPU-Z: I don't trust the voltage indicator.. I'm overclocking but the core voltage gives me: idle switching between 1.136V and 1.156 and at prime95 full load switching between 1.12 and 1.136.. ?
  2. heads up! read another thread about CPU-Z and there semes to be a bug with the Core Voltage read.. !
    and Turbo goes to 3.2GHz, not 3.8? So there could be a bug to in CPU-Z about the frequency!
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