What should I upgrade first? GPU or CPU?

High everyone

I currently have an AMD FX-6200 and GTX 660 In my computer, and would like to be able to play games like Battlefield 4 on Ultra at 60fps on 1080p.

The build I have in mind currently is an Intel Core i5 4670k paired with a GTX 780. First of all, would this build be capable of my target of ultra at 60fps?

But here is my dilemma, I only have the money at the moment, to upgrade one of these parts. So what do you think I should go for? Do I buy the Motherboard and CPU first or the GPU? Dont worry about PSU, im good on that front.

I checked the cards and processors on GPUboss and CPUboss and here are the results



Before anyone says; "of course that one is better than that one!", the tests were more to see which upgrade gives me more of a gain in relation to what I have now.

I also realise that buying a new motherboard and cpu, constitutes a new PC in the eyes of software licenses, and that whichever one I choose, bottlenecking is likely, but I'm willing to put up with that for what will only be a few months.

Its probably also worth noting that my cpu isnt overclocked, ive just never got round to it
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  1. I would go with the 780, that will be a much larger change than going to an i5. Go for a EVGA superclocked ACX, mine hovers around 90 in mp on ultra and never dips below 70
  2. I was/still in the same boat you're in, I have an AMD FX6300 and I upgraded to the GTX 780 last week, man my fps skyrocketed on bf4 on ultra, although Because I didn't upgrade my motherboard and processor, there's some bottle necking here and there. I would say go with the graphics card if you don't mind the slight bottle necking here and there and with certain games.
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