First Gaming PC Build. My Parts List

Hello everyone,

I recently decided to build a gaming pc. I have never built one before so any advice is appreciated. Here is the list i have compiled through my research.

The only thing that worried me was possibly having to update the bios. However from what ive read the CPU and MOBO i have chosen should be compatible. If anyone can confirm that woud be great.

Any further input would be great
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  1. Looks like a pretty good build, but if you're going to put other quality components in I'd spend a few extra dollars to get a slightly better mobo, maybe a 990 series. I switched that out with the Asus mobo, which I can attest is a good one and easy to work with for overclocking) and the incompatibility warning is no longer there. It looks like it'll up your total cost by about $30 but is probably worth it.

    Also, if you don't plan to overclock you can remove the 212 CPU cooler as the stock one should be just fine.
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