Looking for 3 decent thin bezel monitors!

Hey all, I just built my new rig with duel GTX 780 ti EVGA superclocked GPU's in it and I need some new monitors to really show this thing off. My overall budget for all 3 monitors is $1200 max but basically what I am looking for is 3 27" (they need to be 27") thin-bezel monitors. I am not a 4k gamer nor do I really care for 3D so I'm perfectly fine with 1920x1080 so long as it's HDMI or DVI or even DisplayPort. I've had my fill of VGA's Haha, but that being said if I can find some decently priced 2560x1440 monitors I would be willing to look into them since I do a lot of graphic deisgn and digital art as well as programming. The other important feature they must have is the ability to be mounted on an arm since I've already got one that is meant for 3x1 27" or 5x1h 24". I am used to Samsung, ASUS and LG monitors so if you can find one of those brands that would be even better!

I know I'm picky, but thank you for the help! It's much appreciated.
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  1. This guy modded his bezel somehow, you should contact him to see how he did it cos they look really good:- http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1644035
  2. It's a neat design but full customization isn't my thing. I would prefer to buy it and set it up. He clearly put a lot of work into that though and it looks great.
  3. Will 60hz be good enough?
  4. oOSlushyOo said:
    Will 60hz be good enough?

    Yeah absolutely, I wouldn't mind 60hz, if I COULD find a 120hz display that meets what I need that'd be great but I have no problem with 60hz.
  5. I use one of these: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/aoc-27-widescreen-flat-panel-ips-led-hd-monitor-piano-black-silver/6293177.p?id=1218726428129&skuId=6293177

    Got for $100 less than that a while back. 1080p 5ms(60Hz) IPS. I was able to overclock my particular monitor to output 75Hz, which actually made an incredible difference in smoothness.

    The monitor itself offers very little in the realm of frills, but the picture quality is very solid. You will only have 2x HDMI and 1x VGA...which may be an issue. The bezel itself is super thin, but the picture itself does NOT extend all the way to the bezel. There is roughly a 1 cm edge around the panel that is noticeable once the monitor is powered on. The monitor also does not tilt or swivel in any way, it's a rigid mount.

    I'll keep an eye out for other options.
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