Triple boot (Win7,Xp,Ubuntu) Win7 allready installed, XP and ubuntu in another drive

Hello to all. This is my frist post in this forum. I already have read a lot about, but need some advice in my particular case:

1. Hard Drive 1 (c: ) allready have Win 7 installed in a 250Gb SSD drive.
2. Hard Drive 2 (d: ) Win 7 500gb data drive (My documents, user profiles, etc..) already installed

I want to:

a) Install XP and Ubuntu in another 150Gb HD (e:/f: )
b) Select bios to boot on Win7, XP or Ubuntu
c) XP doesnt fuck off win7 drive's/files and Ubuntu see all of them.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I will do a clean install on 3 HD's, each with its onw OS (Win7, XP & Ubuntu), using Bios boot menu to start the corresponding OS. Disconecting Win7 drive before installing XP.
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