Intel Core i5(3230M)-4GB RAM-2GB AMD Radeon 8570 GPU vs. AMD A10 APU(5750M)-8GB RAM-2 GB AMD Radeon 8570 GPU

I'm looking to buy a laptop having shortlisted two with the above given specifications respectively. I'm confused which one to go for. Primary relevance is gaming and I would like to know which of the following laptops would run games like Battlefield 3, Dead Space 3,Mass Effect 3,Bioshock Infinite,etc. smoothely/effectively at a healthy framerate. The Intel one has 500GB HDD space compared to 1TB on the AMD one and the AMD one has integrated 512MB Graphics. Which one would you recommend?
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  1. Check the AMD APU-based laptop. What's the model no. of integrated Graphics (8450G or 8650G).

    If it's 8650G, go for AMD.
    If it's 8450G, Go for Intel.

    However, the dedicated graphics card 8570M is pretty weak and can't handle games that you have mentioned.

    You should look for at least GT740M/GT650M/HD8770M in a gaming laptop.
  2. @vinaykumar5320 It's 8650G. I think I'll go for the AMD-APU based one. Thanks for the reply.
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