Can I install a video editing software program on multiple computers?

Can I install video a editing software program on multiple computers? I would like one at home
and the same program on a laptop while traveling.

I was looking around for reviews and ratings on video editing software. A comment was
made by someone who wanted to use a different computer and mentioned having to uninstall on the old pc before reinstalling. Another one said that his computer hard drive crashed permanently and that he had a terrible experience with the software reps in trying to install again on another PC. Unsuccessfully.

I was unaware that these programs might have only a one time install option. Is that true of all of
them? If so, is there a favorite free software option?
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  1. It depends on the software licensing. Most licensing will only allow you to use the software on one computer at a time.. Find software you are interested in, then read their licensing agreement.
  2. Finding one is the problem. No one seems to list the number of installations allowed in reviews. Maybe someone here is using one that allows multiple installations? Thanks!
  3. With Adobe CC products (subscription service) you can -
    "Can I use the software I download from Creative Cloud on multiple computers?

    Yes, you can install and activate Creative Cloud desktop applications on two computers, regardless of operating system, for the individual associated with the Creative Cloud membership. See the product license agreements page for more information."
    You should be able to install Adobe Premiere Pro Elements on two computers -

    I looked at Corel VideoStudo Pro X6 and there is a limit of one install.

    As was mentioned by Hawkeye22 it will all depend on the software you want to use. If you want something simple and free you can use Windows MovieMaker -
  4. I am new to all of this. I had a lot of old home movies converted to mpg4. One big DVD. Now I see there is video loss if you edit and save over and over. So now to find software that has the least loss, install on a decent pc, and... hope for the best. More research. Thanks for the suggestions all.
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