Is it possible to change the keys in your keyboard?

My alt button is behind one key by the right of the space bar. I'm always used to having an alt key next to the space bar. Is there anyway I can change this? I have a white elephant keyboard. I'm using Windows 7.
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  2. Wow thanks a lot man you saved me lot of frustration.
    Now if I could award you double points I would because I have one more problem.
    The TP Link wireless configuration window keeps popping up every-time I enter my desktop.
    How can I prevent it from opening up every-time I load my computer because I don't need it? I already tried right clicking on it's properties and looking around.
  3. That's a tougher one, I'm not sure. I would try to run msconfig and see if it's something you can deactivate from there.
  4. It's okay I solved it. Just had to go on start, all programs and search for the start up folder and delete the shortcut. If anyone needs help with these things that's how I solved it.
  5. I thought that might do the trick as well, but it's been a while since I encountered that issue so I wasn't sure how to best fix it.
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