HTPC i3 550 Intel HD Graphics Will it work ok

First off, Im an apple man and build my own hackintoshes. My two sons have PC gaming rigs.

I have an Intel i3 550 plus a GA H55N USB3 motherboard (both 1156 sockets) left over from an old hackintosh build. I was thinking of building a HTPC with these components. The case I have has a 120w power supply and will not accept a graphics card. I dont want to buy anything else to go with this, so if it aint gonna work I'll just use them to build another hackintosh.

I dont want to play games on it, juts use it for simple stuff and watching movies and run xbmc.

Thanks Gary.
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  1. You would most likely not be able to run this system on that PSU. The i3 550 requires 73W which leaves 47W (at max PSU load - not recommended for extended periods) for everything else in the system: RAM, fans (including case fans and CPU cooler fans if present), HDD, any drives (ex. DVD), USB devices (ex. keyboard and mouse). Minimal PSU for such a system would be in the 200+Watt area.

    In the future you can use this online app to calculate approximate PSU requirements :
  2. Thanks Dom. Looks like i'll put the case and power supply on ebay.

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