Console gamer looking to get into pc gaming for around $800

Hey guys im just another noob trying to get into pc gaming and heard this was the best forum to get advice. I know nothing about pc parts or how to tell if part A is better than part B. Im looking to basically pc game, record & edit gameplay/videos, maybe even try and create my own games in my spare time. Something that's future proof for a couple years and will be easily upgraded when I am able to.

Would someone be so kind as to throw together a $800 build for me? I can then go from there and tweak the build. Thanks in advance and sorry for asking something that's been asked before.
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  1. How is this build? Anything I can improve on?
  2. For rendering videos you may want to consider getting 16Gb's of memory. Also don't get the FX 8150 spend the extra $40 on an 8350. Graphics card is decent and everything else seems fine.
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