Can you help me cut costs on my budget pc?

I'm trying to build a cheap, reliable system for that can play modern games reasonably well, as well as support a photoshop addiction.

This is what I came up with, and I'm pretty happy with it, but I'm grateful for any advice for a better build or cutting corners while maintaining reliability.
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  1. All I would change is this:
    1 you can find a cheaper case. My 430 elite was 30 bucks and it has a side window.
    2 Do you really need wifi for your desktop? If you have to its fine, most people dont need one though.
  2. FX 6300 is better and cheaper? than the FX 6200? someone correct me if im wrong here. I would say get the FX 6300 instead. you can find 1600 Mhz RAM 2 x 4GB for cheaper, like Gskill ripjaws. Your GPU is costing close to a HD 7870, like 20$ more...and you will BLOW the 660 out of the water. don't get a USB wifi adapter. spend 20$ for the cheapest pci/pcie adapter from TP link instead. get a cheaper case too. and do you NEED a cd/DVD drive? you can install windows without it (on a USB flash drive instead). this is all I can come up with. The Corsair CX 430 power supply is 19.99 on newegg RIGHT NOW (after 20$ rebate)
  3. please do spend a bit more money, like 7$ I think, and get the FX 6300 its better
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