3rd Gen i5 with Intel 4000 vs 4th Gen i5 with Intel 4400, which is best for gaming?

I have a choice between getting a 3rd gen i5-3337U (2.7MHz) with the Intel HD 4000 or getting the 4th gen i5-4200 (2.6MHz) with the Intel HD 4400. (For a laptop).

I'm told the gen3 allows faster clock speeds than the gen4, but the 4400 seems to outperform the 4000 by about 10% with the same CPU. Which combination of CPU + video card do you think will perform best for gaming in terms of frame rate and longevity (for newer games)? Memory is the same for both systems.

I wish I had more freedom to customize but I don't.

I don't mind that the gen3 consumes more power.

Thank you for any help.
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  1. Definitely the latest always wins. Since yours is a laptop you should choose the 4th gen i5. Since it not only gives the latest performance with extra fps it also consumes low power when compared to the 3rd Gen i5. Intel 4400 is better for little gaming.
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