jumped on a rock, foot hurts alot, fracture or pulled a muscle

Went hikin with my Boy scout troop, I was to jump over the fallen tree and i did, i jumped down and turns out i jumped on a rock (it was snowing so i didnt see it), ever since then my right foot hurts so much i have to tilt my foot and walk. Its not swollen and cant find the pain when i touch it. The sharp pain is inside the bottom and top of the right side of my right foot. Yes i wore hiking boots while i was hiking. But the question is could it be a fracture or a pulled muscle, should i go take an Xray or wait for a few more days, the pain hasnt really got better.
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  1. see a doctor?
  2. and that is the solution, i might be fractured only, but definitely go to doctor
    I am a computer techician and even if I would be one, I could not cure you over the internet
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    It could be broken, cracked, torn ligament, pulled tendon, pulled muscle...or just an owie. Could be anything.

    However - there is absolutely no way to tell from out here. This is what a visit to the doc or ER is for.
    Just as I would not give my PC to a doctor to fix, or take my car to the GeekSquad (I wouldn't take ANYTHING to them), I would not ask a bunch of computer people to diagnose/fix a problem with my foot.
  4. could be a fracture. could be some bad nerve damage. pointy rock?
  5. Is it USB 2.0?
  6. Have you tried unplugging it and then plugging it in again?
  7. What OS are you using? If it's Wuss7 then go to A&E.
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