casual gaming screen - 24" 144Hz or 27" 60Hz

so, i'm a casual gamer. weekends only. got a GTX760. looking for a monitor to use for gaming (my other screens are tied to my work machine). i was thinking of using the TV, but i can only connect using HDMI which is a no-go (too many forced settings that i can't get around)

anyhoo, on a budget in Canada. 1080p max (could take 720p but seems a bit archaic)

i'm not sure if it makes more sense to buy a smaller (24" or so) monitor with a high refresh rate of 144Hz or 120Hz, or if a larger screen in the 27"-plus range that only does 60Hz to 85Hz would be better. at the large size, i could almost consider a TV but only if it has a VGA input to bypass the HDMI crap.

I will ONLY buy locally from click here: Canada Computers or Best Buy / Future Shop (CANADA) because for something this size, i don't want to pay for shipping and it's way easier to exchange it if something isn't right. and sometimes, i can see a display model to help make the final go / no-go decision.

my budget is $1. yup, as cheap as possible. no joke. if i say my budget is $250, people will recommend i spend $249.99 ignoring taxes and possibly shipping and the fact that there might be something just as suitable for $179.95

so, which way should i go? small & fast, or large & slow? large & fast would be idea, but i can't justify that level of expense for "just gaming".

and if i do go for the slower type, is there a big difference between 60Hz and 85Hz or do most games not support that rate?
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    casual you got me there already. i'd suggest a 1080p 24' 60Hz. why? well mainly because, the 760 won't get anywhere near the 144 fps unless you play games like cs:go or tf2 and even than you probably won't even notice the difference between 144Hz and 60Hz. really only enthousiast are looking for a 144Hz monitor, but those guys got sli'd/cf's setups with a lot of juice. why 24'? well imo it's more than enough if you're sitting like 1-2m away (regular desktop setup space). i currently have a 24' 60Hz 1080p monitor, so call me biased but i've looked at the better ones and to me it isn't worth the small improvement.
  2. does anyone else have any additional input on this?
  3. Yes, I'll keep it brief. The first poster is right.
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