Me Too - Another First Build - How Much Did I Save

He guys. What a terrific resource here. So I got out of bed today and decided to build my own computer. I researched Intel processors (Why Can't I have ECC Inexpensively?) and that's about it, then decided to throw a bunch of stuff into a shopping cart, and here's what I brought home for $1,500.45. (Everything was bought from MicroCenter except the case, the rack drawer and the speaker.)

Question. If I bought an equivalent system from Dell or HP, how much do you think it would've cost? Just your impression - no need to research anything.

Here're the details:

Delivered Price and Product Description

Main system
85.70 BitFenix Shadow ATX Mid Tower Case (Black), BFC-SDO-150-KKXBR-RP
128.99 Corsair RM650 Modular Power Supply Unit
161.24 Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H Motherboard
300.99 Intel Core i7 4770k Processor
139.74 Two Crucial 16GB Dual Inline Memory Modules, BLS8G3D1609DS1S00
161.24 ASUS 2GB OC GDDR5 GeForce GTX 650Ti Graphics Adapter
257.99 Samsung 840 Pro 2.5-inch SATA 256GB Solid State Drive
64.49 Western Digital 1-TB 7,200 RPM SATA HDD 64MB Cache, WD10EZEX
107.49 LG Super Multi Blue BH16 16X Blu-Ray/DVD Writer, M-Disk Capable, NS40
26.86 TP-Link N600 Wireless Dual Band PCE-E Adapter, TL-WDN3800

I wanted to be able to turn the hard drive off
27.99 Black 5.25in SATA Hard Drive Mobile Rack Drawer

I wanted free Amazon shipping on the StarTech Rack Drawer
26.99 EasyAcc 6W Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker

Other Unnecessary Add-ons
10.74 ProHT 100-key Keyboard with (Most Importantly!) a Big Backspace Key

Already On Hand
  • ASUS VE258Q 27” Display
  • MS-DOS 5.22 (IIRC) on viable 3.5” “floppies” (Be envious. Be VERY envious!)
  • Windows XP Professional (Retail)
  • Windows 7 Professional (Retail)
  • Linux Flavor of the Week
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  1. No Idea.
    You might get something from them with similar performance figures, but you don't know what mobo you are getting. In Dell's case they use mobo's from different manufacturers not having identical specs in one computer model. Might have odd ball form factor. Power supply might be non standard with non standard connection to mobo. Doubt if memory will me as good as Crucial. Optical drive will be a crap shoot as well.

    Dell generally maintains very good documentation back to very old stuff. HP documentation is rather poor for older stuff.

    Dell's stuff is a crap shoot in general. Some of it really good. Some not. Their high end stuff is usually great. Disclaimer - I have worked at Dell multiple times in the past. That said, I will tell anybody that some of their stuff is good and some is crap
  2. well, if you compare it to dell you would be speaking about alienware. for $1500 you get:

    i7 extreme
    x79 but proprietary mb
    8gb 1600 ram
    2tb hard drive
    psu most likely rated only for the components installed.

    it wins out in the graphics department and the cpu department however doesnt include a ssd or 16gb ram. boot up will be slower however overall gaming performance will likely be better than what you have.

    with that said.. its a proprietary motherboard, they are known for not giving much upgrade room on the psu and its likely a no name brand, the ram is likely not anything special even if its 1600mhz (it could be cas11), and i wonder if they at least give you a non reference design gpu.

    the parts you picked are likely much higher in quality.

    with $1500 you could have had a 770 or 780ti, 1866 ram, much larger psu and a few other odds and ends that you dont have.

    microcenter cant touch some of the deals you can find online. their cpu and motherboard deals arent bad though and buying cases there is nice because they have many display models to play with.
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