Intel Xeon for Gaming Servers, E3 or E5 Generation?

I am trying to make a massive Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers, and also a Minecraft servers.

As far I know, Minecraft servers (uses Bukkit) does not support multithread and multicore, which mean E5 seems to be not really used, but I don't know do Counter-Strike servers support multhread and multicore?.

I had 3 Intel Xeon that it seems to be fit on my budget, Intel Xeon E3-1230v3, E3-1270v3, E5-2620v2, so which Processors do you recommended for me to host a massive servers and one Minecraft servers?

Massive servers does not mean only hosting a Counter-Strike, I also looking to host a SA-MP and a Counter-Strike 2D servers.

Thank you for reading it and more thank you If you answer it

I also heard some users do recommended to use Intel Core i7 to hosts massive servers so If you think it's much better than Intel Xeon for hosting these servers (Counter-Strike (1.6, 2D, GO), Minecraft, SA-MP)

If you are more generous than I think, feel free to give me the full lists of recommended dedicated servers.
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  1. The E3 Xeons are nothing more than i7's without IGP with a 1245 v3 being the exception as it has IGP. I don't think the price premium of the 1270 is justified vs a 1230/40/45. If this is just a server only, I think a 1245 v3 would meet your needs as it has IGP, negating the need for a discrete GPU.
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