What is the Best AMD Processor for Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3(Rev 3.1) right now?

I want to upgrade my processor to increase my fps in some games, my old 1 is pretty outdated (Phenom II x4 925). I want to ask you guys if any of Vishera processor can be used in my motherboard (FX 4100 6100 or better)? My Motherboard is Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3(Rev 3.1).
And if they can't, does the Zambezi series is also not compatible? and does i stuck in only upgrade it to phenom II x6?
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  1. AMD Phenom X4 900 series or lower.
    What's your budget

    Update: No. Vishera CPUs (4300 and 6300) are not compatible.
    You can upgrade to BullDozer (4100,6100) but that's not recommended.

    Your best bet would be a Phenom X6
  2. ^
    Okay then. i will think about it. thank for answering Jayxl.
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