is a 27" 1080p monitor a bad one for gaming?

as the title says, i am trying to upgrade my monitor (which is a samsung 23" 1080p VGA only) since i am getting a gtx770 this week using it with this monitor seems a little bit wrong to me, so i am looking for a monitor which is at least 23" in size, and searched for 1440p monitors but they are either too rare or way too expensive here (turkey, they start from 1500$+) the best monitors i have found are 24 and 27" but they are both 1080p so what do you guys think about those?

i also found 1920x1200, but i am not sure that is a good resolution for gaming, is it?
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  1. Why do you think your current screen is not good for you GPU?
    You can use a DVI to VGA adaptor.

    If you really insist buying a new one, then a 27" 1080p is just good enough for gaming.
  2. Your screen resolution wont be changing...just the screen size and DPI accordingly. Personally, I wouldnt upgrade my monitor unless the resolution increased accordingly.

    You can move your 23" monitor closer and it will have the same effect as the 27" at a further distance.
  3. well, first of all i am greedy :D so i want more. so my options are either going for higher res monitor, or multi-monitor setups. i could not find a good, cheap 1440p monitor, so the only option left is multi-monitor which i dont have space and i don't really like multimonitor setups.

    the 27" 1080p monitors are from 300-400dollars in turkey, which is obtainable.

    and yes my monitor is good enough, i have nothing against that, but as i said, i just want more :( i have computer that can provide more, i have gpu that can provide more, so why not?

    edit: yes i know there wont be any difference on resolution part, the question i meant to ask was dpi. since i havent used any 27" 1080p monitors i cannot decide if dpi is going to be too low
  4. "i just want more :( i have computer that can provide more, i have gpu that can provide more, so why not?"

    Your GPU upgrade makes NO DIFFERENCE on a 23" 1920x1080 or a 27" 1920x1080. ITS THE SAME RES :O

    You dont want to spend the money on a 1440p display
    You dont want to have a multi-monitor set up
    You want a larger monitor just cause

    Which is cool, your money.
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