Need best Small Form Build for 2014 in the 1300 range

Hello -

Thanks for taking the time and seeing my request. I have not built a PC in 5 years, so my knowledge of hardware is old.

I currently run a souped up Dell XPS 17, but have noticed it heating up lately. I can not trust it for my business. It's time to build a secondary computer.

I do a lot of After Effects, video production and graphic design for my business. I do some gaming on the side. The small form factor would be great to transport from PC to living room TV as I transition from WORK to GAMING.

I'm thinking of going Nvidia / Intel for the compatibility with Adobe software. My price range is 1300 and reliability and integrity are crucial. What build do you recommend ( including case ) ?

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    Here's a link showing what a bunch of people did.,10

    I sorted it for mini itx builds for smallness. You can get a lot of different ideas from PCPartPicker and people on the forum there are really helpful.
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