How do I set my default folders to the D drive (HDD) while keeping my C drive (SSD) the primary one?

I have a laptop with 4 drives: C (128GB SSD), D(500GB HDD), E(500GB HDD) and F(128GB SSD).

Windows 8.1 is installed on my C drive, like it should. And I want to keep it that way.
The problem is that even though I changed my download path with Regedit to the D drive, my C drive fills up quickly.
Mainly because the standard folders like 'my documents', 'my video's', 'desktop',.... Are all on my C drive.
Is there a way to change it so that when I place a file on my desktop or in 'my documents' it goes onto my D drive?

Thanks in advance,

PS: English is not my native language, please excuse the spelling and grammar errors.
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  1. Go to your user folder (on desktop) right click any of your folders inside there (e.g. Desktop) select Properties, go to "Location" then select "Move", choose your destination and that is it. Do that for all folders.

    For temp folder (definitely do it on a SSD) press Win+E (win button is next to Alt, or Ctrl) Click "System Properties" (you can also do it with right clicking "This Computer" icon and selecting properties) Select "Advanced system settings", go to "Advanced" tab, select "Environment Variables", "Edit" both of the TEMP and TMP to another hdd, and that is it

  2. Thanks alot!
    Just what I needed, feel a bit stupid I didn't look there, I thought it was more complicated.
  3. Why can't you just move the whole user folder? Also, what are you supposed to edit the temp files to, like what directory or location?
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