Browsers stop working after PC is on for an extended period of time and audio devices take 1 minute plus to open.

If I have my computer on say overnight, my chome won't allow me to access the internet once I return. I've tried closing the program and ending the processes. Nothing works unless I restart my PC.

Problem #2: If I ever want to switch from my PC speakers to headset I have to go through audio devices. If my PC has been up awhile, it can take a minute to several minutes to pop up. The only way to get around this is to restart. I'm not sure why it will pop up right away after a restart.

Any ideas on how to fix these?
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  1. Go into the properties for your network (whether wifi or hardwired) in the Device Manager and make sure it's not set to "Turn off this device to save power". Might also look at running virus and malware scans...
  2. And you can also reload the audio drivers or do a system repair if there are no virii
  3. Nice, that should be one fixed. Now the audio problem has been like this since I built the PC. I've ran malwarebytes several times since I built it last year.
  4. Uninstall the audio drivers and reinstall them with the latest from your mobo manufacturers site.
  5. Thanks a million.
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