PS3 Controller ( Possibly PS4 ) Key Mapping

Hello! I have noticed upon the interwebs that many people would love to use their PS3 Controller with their PC! However... Microsoft is designed to use Xbox controllers D:

However! There is a work around! Using a program called JoyToKey, you can map the keys to specific buttons. I have done the hard work and worked out what buttons are connected to what is specified on the controller and here it is.

Button 1 = Select
Button 2 = L3
Button 3 = R3
Button 4 = Start
Button 5 = DPAD Up
Button 6 = DPAD Right
Button 7 = DPAD Down
Button 8 = DPAD Left
Button 9 = L2
Button 10 = R2
Button 11 = L1
Button 12 = R1
Button 13 = Triangle
Button 14 = Circle
Button 15 = Cross
Button 16 = Square

This program should work with games that are in windowed mode such as Minecraft and Garry's Mod ( if you put it in windowed mode )

So their you go! Hope this helps!
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  1. The PS4 controller is designed to be compatible with the PC.
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