Minecraft GTX 660 only at 60 fps

Hello, I need some help, my GT 520 which I fortunately replaced ran minecraft around 40-60 fps... Now I have a GTX 660 but it still pumps 60 fps with "Blots" of 120+ fps every once in a while. Any help is appreciated

Here are my specs:
GTX 660
Asus P5K Pro LGA 775
Intel Q6600 Quad-core @ 2.9Ghz
8 GB DDR2 Ram
Stock Minecraft 1.7.4

I have already solved the Ram issues from minecraft, Please refrain from saying that's the issue.
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  1. Do you have vsync enabled, either in-game or in the NCP?
  2. It's not enabled ingame. I can't find it in Nividia Control Panel but I did change the Global settings to No Vsync. Nothing is maxed out with GPU at 32% and CPU at 50% If your interested it said CPU at 100% Maximun Frequency but I don't know what that means.
  3. Minecraft is not a heavily based graphics game its about your CPU and RAM, Since your RAM is DDR2 its going to make a drastic difference compared to DDR3 loosing A LOT of performance which you already know.

    So it leaves it to your CPU with is not the strongest, I'd suggest you upgrade this then you should get better FPS
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