SLI 2 monitors i can't see any video in the secondary monitor while gaming.

Well, i have 2 Nvidia Gtx 760 and i want both of them to play videos and games at the same time i mean one video or movie or be able to use netflix while in the other monitor play any game. However, when i try to do that the second monitor where i have the movie drops all frames and i cant see the video because it starts lagging. I dont know what to do i have tried everything both monitors in the same card, with and without sli, one monitor to each video card, etc. Plz Help me !!!

By the way i apologize for my English im still learning.
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  1. With many games you would have to play in windowed mode as full screen will disable(blank) the 2nd.
  2. I mean one game in the main monitor and netflix on the other one
  3. Run your game in borderless windowed mode. If you have a browser or video player on the second screen, disable hardware acceleration for those applications. So that they won't lag when because they won't be using GPU resources that are committed to your game.
  4. Try plugging both monitors into the same card, enable SLi and turn off Aero glass.
  5. The solution was on one of the w8 updates i don't know which one exactly but the problem i had was solved.
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