What is the best material to learn python 3.3?

I am wanting to learn python 3.3 but I am having a hard time trying to find right material to learn it. So can anyone tell me what I need to look at in order to work with it?

PS. I already have ''learn python the hard way'', but now I want to learn python 3.3
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  1. The official python tutorial is pretty good. http://docs.python.org/3.3/tutorial/
  2. checkout mit's opencourseware. About a year ago, they had video lectures of an MIT instructor teaching Python. And, of course, it's free.
  3. If you want to add fun to learning - get a RaspberryPi, it "default" learning language is Python. There are lot of tutorials (and dedicated magazine) to RPi, it's Python, and interfacing with external world.
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