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Hi. As the title implies, I'll be building my first gaming desktop! The budget is $1000 (slightly over or under is ok). The pc will be hooked up to a 1080p HDTV. I'd like the best bang for the buck possible, the pc will also be used for typical pc tasks like web browsing/email/music/and movie watching. I'm not partial to amd or intel but amd cpu's do seem to be a bit more budget minded. A large HDD would be great, and if within budget, a small SSD/ or caching SSD for the OS would be great too but not a must. Also, an OS is needed, win7 or 8 is fine. My current laptop runs win7. An optical drive too. A blue ray player/DVD & CD burner would be perfect. Case doesn't matter as long as it does the job, I don't want or need anything fancy. Also, a mobo with SLI or Crossfire support for future upgrades, and a wireless mouse/keyboard. I primarily play games using a game pad, so the m&k doesn't need to be for gaming. I think that about covers it, if there are any questions, let me know! Thank you and I look forward to hearing from the forum users! This is a great site and I'm excited about building my first pc!
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  1. Do you want to overclock?
  2. Also, CPU overclocking isn't a must, and if within budget, 8 GB of fast RAM (1600 MHz or more) would be awesome!
  3. I don't really know much about overclocking the CPU and does it really matter that much in gaming?
    Wouldn't overclocking the GPU be better for gaming?
  4. This will be built late Jan-early Feb 2014.
  5. Sorry for the delay, here's what I built.
  6. Thanks lucasz! Anyone want to propose an amd and/or ati build?
    Also, is that site (pcpartspicker) reliable as far as if I choose a certain part, say a CPU, will it then only show me mobo's that will work with that CPU, and so on? Sorry for all the questions, but we all have to start somewhere, right? I just don't want to screw this up is all.
    One more thing I forgot to mention: the first build will be going to my sister, and her family. Yes, my sister and my nieces' play video games and I do not just mean stuff like candy crush or angry birds. Then, I plan on building myself the same or similar setup about a month after I build their PC. Although I'm considering getting a vidock or making my own external GPU for my laptop rather than a new pc as well, but that's another thing entirely. Thanks again!
  7. Also, while I do appreciate it lucasz, the build you proposed doesn't have blu ray nor does it leave any headroom for a wireless mouse & keyboard. I meant if it includes those things and is slightly over $1000, that's fine.

    One more thing to add: since they seem to be cheaper, a mobo with no onboard graphics is fine too.
  8. Is 1TB okay? I'm going to revise the build with an AMD processor and Mobo but to make things cheaper I want to know if you can settle with 1TB instead of 2TB. The 1TB hard drive I want to add is a SSHD which means it will have the boot times and quickness of an SSD but you also get 1TB of storage
  9. Nice! Sorry it took a while to reply. That's a great build with headroom for the mouse/keyboard! I'll leave this unsolved for just a bit though. I'd like to see what other builds anyone on the forum can cook up. :) Thank you lucasz!
  10. It wont get much better than that, but no problem!
  11. lucasz said:
    It wont get much better than that, but no problem!

    That mobo doesn't support SLI but it does support CrossFire. Is there a comparable ati GPU to that nvidia card?
    Changed the GPU to a R9 280X which is slightly less powerful than a 770 but still a great card. If you want to get the 770 and sli in the future, step up to a 990 chipset motherboard.
  13. Sorry for so many questions and replies, but I don't want to screw up is all. Would it be better to go with a 270x or 280 and upgrade the CPU to an 8350, then add in another graphics card in a couple months when I can afford it? It seems the 770 is a better card than either of those, but I can live with graphics settings scaled down a bit until I can get the second GPU.
  14. Whoa that was fast. Lol. Thanks lucasz!
  15. No problem. The 8320 is only slightly slower than a 8350 (the 8320 is just an underclocked 8350) so you won't see any performance gain really. Here's a build that has an SLI capable motherboard and a 770 so you can add another 770 later if you want:
  16. This is odd. I can't mark this thread solved.....
  17. This is strange... I can't pick a solution either
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