[Suggestion/Question] How To Change Location Of The Box That Shows Subbed Threads


One of the features I love about this website is the ease in which you can

get back to threads. If I post in a given topic, I'll see a box to the top right corner

that shows the threads which have gotten replies; enabling me to click the thread

name and be transported to the thread. Easily.

However I've noticed that I actually have to ENTER a thread first - any given thread -

for this box to even appear. Is this something which can be changed? Because oftentimes

I'm just browsing topics and it would feel intuitive then, to be able to just click on

the link in the box to a thread that has been replied to.
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  1. In the OP of the thread is a hyperlink for "Track this Thread", this will give you notifications on the thread as if you had posted into it.
  2. Hm. I'm used to just posting in a thread though and then it tracks it automatically.

    Anyhow, thanks mate.
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